Is there a cure for my sleepless night? Can Alteril help?

Sleep Deterrent

There are various reasons for individuals not to fall asleep. Sleeplessness can be caused by various factors such as stress, sudden change, physical pain, trauma, illness, and emotions. Stress is most likely the typical cause of any sleepless nights.

It can be stress from work and relationships problems. Individuals with increased tension, some apprehension, and some feelings of  worry, fear, helplessness and uncertainty may add up to his sleeping problems. But most likely, one might have a sleeping problems  because of his  habits, environment and lifestyle.

One might be living in a noise predominant places or one might be addicted to caffiene. Eating an hour before sleeping may cause some sleeping problems too since your system is still in the process of metabolism and can still be active.


Insomnia isn’t a result of any  side effect of a different medical condition and this usually happens within a month. Insomnia is has three various kinds: Transient insomnia happens when symptoms last from days to a week. Acute or what they called short-term insomnia  usually last for more than a week. While chronic insomnia  lasts for months and efen  years. Insomnia can affect any individuals in any age bracket but it is more likely to happen on  adult women than adult men.

Effect of Insomnia

Insomnia  can lead to poor performance at work or school. This will cause individuals to go from  sluggish  to being lazy to work or play everyday. Obesity may result from their sluggish or less activity. Depression on the other hand is another effect of insomia and worst – mental illness. Insomia can affect our immune system function which will increased  our risk and severity to different  diseases.

Solutions & Alteril

Although mild insomia may not harm you. The truth is, almost half of the population of the US suffer from sleep problems. But this should not stop you from helping your self. Change your ways for a starter, no more eating one hour before sleep, caffiene should be taken early in the morning and change to a more solemn place. Alteril is another solution you can take.  Alteril is safe due to its natural and effective ingredients. This medical phenomena was a result of more than 25 years of thorough research and testing. Alteril is not a typical sleeping aide, this doe not cause you any side effects. This is pure helping aide for your sleeping problem.