Alteril Ingredients

Alteril Ingredients

What are the Alteril ingredients? Are they safe and do they work? I will be discussing this topic in this post to help you decide if this natural sleeping pill is the one for you.

Before I go into each ingredient and explain to you what they do,  I first want to distinguish Alteril from most other sleeping pills on the market. Alteril is made from natural ingredients that can all be found in nature, however the great thing about Alteril is that all of these super sleeping aids are combined into one easy to use and safe pill. There are no known side effects from taking Alteril as indicated on the product website and also unlike other prescription sleeping pills it doesn’t cause addiction to set in.


lets first take a look at one of the main ingredients called L-Tryptophan. This ingredient helps the body naturally increase levels of serotonin and melatonin which are important enzymes that help the brain to stay regulated wiht it sleep and awake cycles and also help to tell the brain when it’s time to shut down and sleep.

L-tryptophan also plays a lesser role by still significant, in helping to reduce muscle tension, and support health mental function also.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is  from  the Valerina plant which is found in parts of Asia but mainly in Europe and South American. This root has been used for centuries, as far back as ancient Greece, because of it effect at reducing nervousness and also settling poor digestion. Valerian is known for its sedative effect on the body, which means it caused a person to become drowsy. The major benefit is that it is not habit forming like some addictive compounds found in prescription drugs.


Next let’s take a look at L-Theanine, this is found in green tea leaves, and is an important amino acid, that works to reduce anxiety and stress in people. It has also been shown to increase “alpha” brain wave production which are what the brain produces when in deep relaxation. It has also been thought to have a positive effect on reducing high blood pressure and have anti-cancer properties.


Melatonin is produced by a tiny but very important gland in the body known as the pineal gland. This gland secrets Melatonin which tells the brain that it is time to sleep. Usually in a healthy person the pineal gland will be stimulated by light, so when it gets dark it releases Melatonin. This can be disturned when people do shift work and can’t sleep when it is dark.


Chamomile, which is a flower from the daisy family of flowers, contains a substance called bisobalol which has anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial properties and also can reduce muscle tension, which is helpful when someone need to relax in order to sleep.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is used in Alteril to help reduce stress and anxiety, which are the biggest factors in what cause people to suffer from insomnia.


Hops have been used extensively in Chinese and North American Indian medicines for a long time. The main use for them is theire stress redcuing and sedative effect they have on the body. The compund 2-methyl-3-butene-2-ol is what is responsible for causing the sedative effect and when combined with the other sedative ingredients in Alteril it works very well!

Passion Flower

Passion flower contains gamma amino butyric acid, which is believed to lower stress and anxiety by lowering brain activity with certain cells in the brain.


All the Alteril ingredients are natural and work in a slighlty different way to each other, but the combined overall effect is to cause a person to relax and enable them to get off to sleep much faster and stay asleep for longer also. There are other insomnia treatments on the market but I have not come across one as effective as Alteril that is 100% natural and has no known side effects.

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